Daily Archives: September 10, 2021

Grateful For Another Milestone

It is a time to pause and give thanks for the blessings of another milestone. The journey to this goal was long, with many obstacles and detours but after countless challenges including a global pandemic, I have ended another chapter in my educational pursuit. The journey to achieving this milestone was not a walk in the park. The path to get here was a long one but eventually traveled with persistence over time.

I am grateful to so many persons. First and most importantly, I want to thank Abba Father for His blessings. I thank the Lord for the opportunities He gave me to learn the necessary materials, the determination and fortitude to complete this milestone, and the will and strength to maintain my faith in his plan for me during the period. The journey has been long, but Lord you comforted me when I was down. You pushed me forward when I was afraid to move. You lit the path for me to follow when I lost my way. I made it here only by your grace.

I would like to thank my wonderful family for their unending support on this journey. I am deeply thankful for my dear friends, those in the blogging sphere and otherwise who have encouraged, prayed and supported me along the way. I could not have done it without the support and love from each one of you. I am thankful to my Lecturers who shared their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to my batch mates for their assistance in different ways, at different intervals.

This achievement is dedicated to all those who have been part of my journey to this point in time. My family and friends, who loved and supported me throughout the years it took to arrive at this milestone. Thanks to all who prayed for me constantly, namely, my Pastor and her husband, also Keeble, my former Pastor, and my blogging family.

Special thanks to the following persons.

To my wonderful family, especially my mom, my sisters Donnet and Karen, my nephews Alex, Odean and Omarie, my nieces Giselle, Marsha and Kerry. You folks have supported me from day one, and I can finally say I did it!

To my friend Cher, I could never repay you for the many times you prayed for me and helped me get through the most difficult times through college! Thank you for assisting with my assignments and for helping me by being the positive light that I needed especially in my darkest hour.

To my sister and friend Yvet, thank you for your financial assistance and prayers and encouragement.

A very special thanks to Andy for extending himself whenever I needed his assistance and sharing his knowledge and expertise in his specialized area.

To Audrey for her encouragement and assistance with assignments.

To Letisha for providing useful study material and assisting with coursework.

To Paul and Alex for their financial assistance.

Thanks to all of you who helped and supported me through this chapter of my life. You have all at some point offered me words of blessings, love, encouragement and also prayed for me. Made me laugh when I was stressed, gave me the extra push to continue when I felt like throwing in the towel. All of which have propelled me forward to this point. Though it was not all easy sailing, your support made the journey much lighter.

I believe there might be others that I have left out, but please know you are not slighted, without a doubt. From the bottom of my heart thank you ALL so very much!

Prayer After Exam – Final Day

Dear Heavenly Father I thank your for another day. Thank you for waking me up to see your beautiful creation.

Father I am grateful that I was able to sit my final examination for this semester and also the final examination for this programme. Lord whilst I am grateful that I have reached another milestone and it is your grace that has carried me through these past two years, Lord I kneel before you with a broken heart because of the experience I had; having been given the wrong time for the exam, resulting in me having to rush through the paper, not answering all the questions adequately and not completing the exam. Lord, only you alone know why I had to have the experience.

Notwithstanding all that happened I will not ask for much Lord but I pray for a pass in this exam. Please Lord,  grant me this wish so that I can move ahead in my career. Please release the tension that is welling up inside me. Lord help me not to harbour any bitterness towards the Lecturer or the institution for having erred. Help me to forgive them and move on. Abba Father, please heal my broken heart and set my mind at ease. Lord I do not know what the result will be and what lesson I will learn from this experience but Lord I know it is all in your hands. May you do what is best for me at this time. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray amen.

To you reading this, thank you so much for being here. You are special to me and I appreciate you always registering your presence here. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you.


When you are DISCOURAGED, remember God’s faithfulness.

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:23).

To you reading this, thank you so much for being here. You are special to me and I appreciate you always registering your presence here. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you.