Daily Archives: June 13, 2021

Praying Always

Take the time out to pray every day,
Talk to your Heavenly Father, let Him guide you along the way.
Pray when you don’t know what to do,
Pray always, that’s what the Lord requires from me and you.
Pray when you are broken and hurting to the core,
Pray when you feel like you cannot go on any more.

Pray when it seems you have lost all hope,
Pray when you are struggling and don’t know how to cope.
Pray when you are feeling your very best,
Pray when you are weary and find it hard to rest.
Pray always without ceasing, in every season, for with God nothing is impossible,
no matter the obstacle.

As you pray, always remember this: it is not the words you pray or the sounds you groan,
It is the position of your heart when you enter God’s throne.
Let’s pray one for another without being asked,
And never try to shun prayer as though it’s the hardest task.
Watching and praying, that we enter not into temptation,
Bringing our request to God in humble supplication.
As we pray, may we open our hearts to God’s embrace,
So that we may become sparks of love, filled with His mercy and grace.

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