Today’s Prayer # 112

Thank you Heavenly Father for another bless day. Thank you Lord for protecting me and giving me peace as I stand in the midst of my trials. Help me to keep my eyes on you. Father I ask thee to give me strength like Samson to step out in faith believing that you will walk with me through these dark days.

Lord I ask thee to be with me on this blessed day, let not anxieties lead my heart astray. Father your word declares that you will never leave me or forsake me. May this verse be a reminder that you, my Father is still faithful in every season. May my heart be tucked into this reality and my spirit be achored in this truth. Never wavering, but standing tall on the firm foundation that you will always make good on your PROMISES. Lord help me this today that though I may be weak, but God you are always strong and I can rest in you.

Lord, I pray that I will take every opportunity to demonstrate your love to others, in action, attitude, mood and motive, and to show forth your love not only with my lips but in my life, by giving of myself to your service, and by walking in holiness and humility of spirit all the days of my life. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray amen.

As always thank you for reading. I am truly grateful that you stopped by. Feel free to like, share, leave your thought or reblog. Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Prayer # 112

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