Daily Archives: May 29, 2021

Inner Peace

Inner Peace

The pain of the past no longer I need to hide,
The bitterness and emptiness no longer in me reside.
Darkness no longer clouds my heart,
I have been given a fresh new start.

At peace once more, my heart is made whole,
There is not enough words to express the gratitude within my soul.
No more silence that is bursting with agonizing screams,
No more worrying and stressing over shattered dreams.

As the inner peace consumes and envelops me,
Its comforting touch causes all anxieties to fllee.
It’s so hard to explain how this inner peace really feels, 
Or the type of joy and fulfillment that it truly reveals.
Am so GRATEFUL I have found great relief.
This peace comes with awe and yet disbelief.

I have inner peace, because I am God’s chosen daughter,
His Peace fills my heart with joy and laughter.
His overwhelming Peace floods my soul,
His Peace, the medicine that made me whole.
His Peace brought freedom from the pain of my past,
Now I breathe with ease, I’ve found inner peace, am free at last.

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