Daily Archives: April 26, 2021

Build On The Solid Rock – Part 2

Scripture Reference: Matthew 7:24-25

Today there is so much sinking sand in our world. Yet many people build their life on them. The reason why so much needless tragedy is prevalent in our world is because so many of us refuse to build our lives, our nations, or our world upon the firm foundation, Jesus Christ.

Instead, many people build their life on money, thinking money will buy security and happiness. Some build their life on possessions, acquiring more stuff. Many build their life on popularity, fame, celebrity, believing the most important thing in life is to be liked, accepted or desired. Some build their life on athletic prowess or on their beauty, their sex appeal and the list can go on and on.

But note carefully that all of those things are temporary. Time and storms destroy all of those things. Nothing on the list is eternal. So, doesn’t it make sense to build your life on a firm foundation? The firm foundation which is Jesus Christ.

There can be no better foundation upon which to build our lives than on the unshakeable foundation, the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ. No matter how uncertain the future may appear, Jesus Christ is the One and Only Solid Rock and firm foundation. The firm foundation will withstand the tests that life will send our way.

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