Remembering Mama

Today am giving God thanks for Mama’s life. Today she would have been 103 years old, but God took her home seventeen years ago. I am grateful to God for Mama’s life of 86 years.

Today as I remember Mama I am grateful that she is no longer in pain, but resting. I am grateful Mama taught me how to pray and led by example. She encouraged me to trust God and not curse God. I still remember her voice as she read the bible and prayed those long prayers. I also remember her voice, her laughter, her cooking and her groans while she prayed.

Mama’s wisdom rubbed off on me so much so that when I echo things that she would say, people always laugh and ask where I get that from. Sometimes I still hear my Mama’s words ringing in my ear whenever I engage in things that I shouldn’t have done. Mama would always go out of her way to help others. She was just a giver and a strong woman of faith.

Mama was a precious gift from God, so much beauty, grace, love and patience she possessed. Mama’s passion for life, her compassion for others, and her loyalty to her faith, her self-sacrifice, and an uncomplaining spirit remains etched with a platinum pen, with an exquisite diamond tip and a steady flow of spectrum light on all those she loved, touched, and served. I am forever grateful for the influence that her love, wisdom, amity, discipline and guidance have in my life. I am forever grateful for how she nurtured me in the faith.

I will forever love and adore you Mama for everything you taught me in life. Your death took away joy from our lives but we will hold on to the beautiful memories of times spent with you. Mama you were and always will be, our gold standard. Rest well Mama.

9 thoughts on “Remembering Mama

  1. Kathy O'Brien

    Fay Ann, I was deeply touched with this special tribute that you gave to your mom! How special she must have been to you and all who knew her. My mom died this week, and while it was so hard to walk through the “valley of the shadow of death” with her, I know she too is out of all her pain and suffering and resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus. May our Mama’s rest in peace!

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  2. lilyofthevalley777

    How blessed you were to have a mama like her, and for her to live that long and be such a loving example and influence in your life . Someday you will be reunited and be doubly blessed. ❤

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