Today’s Prayer # 100

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today, in humility, thanking you for the gift of life and the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. Father my heart is so overwhelmed and I am feeling weak. There are so many emotions trying to overpower me, I cannot even find the right words to explain or describe them. But you the all-knowing Father knoweth all things. You know the intentions of my heart. 

Father, I humbly come to you, casting all my anxieties upon you. The simple truth is that I am not able to carry all these burdens on my own. I don’t have the strength or the wisdom to successfully navigate these challenging circumstances. Lord, I am tired and weary, please help me to feel your loving and caring arms around me today. I have so many concerns and cares, and they weigh me down. I pray that you lift my weary spirit and fill me with your love and peace so that I may be restored and renewed in body and mind.

Lord, help me to trust only in you. Teach me to cast all my anxiety on you, because I know you care for me. Forgive me for not trusting you completely. Help me to see the light at the end of my tunnel. When I have doubts and fears, help me to trust only in you. Father even though I’m currently feeling anxious, I am choosing to put my trust in your word over my feelings. I am choosing to believe your promises rather than what my eyes can see.

Father, please hear the cries of those who feel overwhelmed as they try to serve you. Our world is hurting and broken. I pray for those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic, please comfort them in their grief and loss, cover them with your peace and presence, as only your Spirit can do. I know that in whatever we face, you are our peace and refuge, a very present help in times of trouble. Thank you that you remind us throughout your word, we do not face the storms alone, but you are always with us. Whispering calm. Speaking peace. Bringing rest to our souls.

I confess our need for you. I ask you to forgive us for trying to figure everything out on our own, for not trusting that you are more than able and powerful to work on our behalf. Forgive us for taking back up what we already determined to lay down at your feet. Give us the ability to trust you more, give us a heart that finds rest in your presence, give us the wisdom to seek peace and pursue it, remembering it is only in you alone peace is found. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray amen.

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