Daily Archives: November 8, 2020

Keep The Faith

Keep the faith. It may seem hard at times but just know that God is in control. Sometimes we are put in certain circumstances to prove for faithfulness. Overcoming any storm or battle makes us stronger. By God’s grace we can overcome any storm that comes our way.

Sometimes we are so easy to throw in the towel, but when I look back at everything Jesus went through I remind myself this is nothing compared to what Jesus went through. This gives me the zeal to continue to persevere, knowing it shall pass. It is never over till Jesus says its over.

Wait on God patiently. God’s timing is always the best timing. Invite God into the storm with you. He is our fortress and our hiding place.Yes, we all go through the fire at times but remember that God is always with us even in the fire. His plan for your live is greater than your limited understanding. Place Him first in your life and be faithful to Him to the end.

Lord I pray for the grace and strength to keep going. Even in my trials and temptation help me to keep the faith. Father strengthen my faith and help me to stand firm as I press on daily.

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥

Hello Everyone!!🤗🤗

Greetings everyone. I trust you have all being doing well.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have not shared any post recently. If you check the last post, you will notice it has been a while since I shared. Owing to unavoided circumstances I had to take an unannounced break from the WordPress community, in terms of posting as well as reading other posts. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

I want to pause and say a special thank you to a loving and caring sister who made it possible for me to resume posting. May God bless you abundantly as you continue to be a tremendous blessing to others.

However, because of my current challenges I am thinking of taking it slow with regards to posting, it is likely that my posts will be pretty sporadic. Also, I might be slow at responding and visiting other blogs, but I will try my best.

It is good to be back. I missed you all. God has been faithful, He’s worthy and I trust Him wholeheartedly. I am sending you all my blessings and much love.