Daily Archives: September 24, 2020

Tonight’s Prayer

Heavenly Father I come to you tonight. I thank you for your faithfulness today. Thank you for keeping me, Father. I look to you and I take confidence, that you are a God that never sleeps nor slumbers. And so as I go to bed I ask that you watch over me, my family and friends.

I come against any attacks from the enemy in the form of bad dreams. I come against any attacks from the enemy in the form of nightmares or interrupted sleep. I pray for heavenly dreams, Lord. Dreams that will lead me to wake up refreshed in my body, in my soul and in my spirit. Dreams where you would speak to me, Lord. Dreams that are heavenly. Speak to me Father even as I sleep. I invite the Holy Spirit to minister to me. Lord, keep us safe this night. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Today’s Prayer # 80

Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for this day that you have made. I place this day and my life in your hands. Lord you know I am usually the one encouraging others, but this morning I come boldly to your throne recognizing I am weak and in need of your strength. I am grateful and thankful for the things that you have done in my life and the things you continue to do. I am just in need of your tender touch and a word of reassurance from you Abba Father. I pray that my mind, heart and soul will be renewed. Make me whole Lord. Cleanse me in your goodness, wash me in your blood, sanctify me, let me be pure in heart, guide me, remove fear from me and gird my mind.

Lead and guide me Lord. You are my shelter and rock. I surrender all to you Lord. Lord, help me to focus today on what really matters. I am so grateful for another day. Please help me to keep that spirit of gratitude as I face the ebbs and flows of life; help me to see the good in the bad. Renew my spirit. My life is in your hand Lord, I place my family into your care. I ask that whatever questions I might have you will provide the answers. Please release your mercy and grace and strengthen my faith. Lord you are my shield and my protector. Help me to rejoice and be glad today. Father take full control of my life that I may continue to walk in your ways always, looking to you for guidance. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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