Daily Archives: September 21, 2020

Today’s Prayer # 78

Dear Heavenly Father I beseech thee to search my heart and remove everything that is not pleasing to you. Open up my spiritual eyes and ears as I cultivate a closer relationship with God, my Father. Holy Spirit I welcome you into my heart this morning and ask that you rekindle the light of Christ in me. Holy Spirit come fill me and guide me. Give me spiritual strength, direction, and the wisdom to go in the direction that the Lord has designed for me. I pray that the Holy Spirit will saturate my life with his presence always.

Tearfully, I give gratitide to you oh Lord for blessing my life. Here I am Lord, I will serve you faithfully to the very end of my days. Let the world see you in me. Give me wisdom, above all give me understanding. Thank you Lord for divine protection and for sending a Helper, the Holy Spirit. Thank you that through Jesus, in my weakness you are strong. Bless and guide me and my family always. Also remember my enemies, bless them also and save them.

Heavenly Father, those who are going some rough patches in their lives, today l pray your peace, healing and your blessings over them. May your will be done through all of us at all times. I also pray for comfort and hope on all today. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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