Love is a Wonderful Thing

The indescribable love of God is an amazing thing. It heals, it strengthens, it restores, it builds up, it saves and it encourages.

Love is a wonderful thing. Hate often seems triumphant as we turn on the news. It seems to outshine love, and we grow weary by the cruelties we witness through the screen or from firsthand experience.  And by taking a good look in the mirror, we often question how loving we really are, for our guilt is reflected back at us for how we have failed others in a lack of love.

Sometimes, we are just too scared to love. But love is still the greatest of all. There is no way this earth could spin well without love. God’s love empowers us to love well. Without the love of the Lord, I find my own human love falling far short, unable to love when times are hard and stress is high. Thankfully, we can call out to the Lord for his help and his sustaining love.

Dedicated to: Fay Ann Swearing
My Desired Love
I was nurturing my garden but I was in despair,
for I was dissatisfied with the appearances of the flowers that were there.
Suddenly! My eyes beheld a flower that immediately brought me cheer,
Its leaves were full of dew, petals of brightest hues,
I will nourish and cherish that flower, just because that flower is you.

Let us pause and reflect on the incomprehensible love that God has for us.

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