A Treacherous Climb

I found myself walking in a place unfamiliar to me, only to realize it was only a dream,
Glancing around I saw behind me a lonely road heading down a stream,
In the opposite direction a peak before me so high, a very steep hill,
this unfamiliar place so quiet and still,
enthralled by anxiety the dirt sunk beneath my feet,
pulse racing, I felt dizzy, I felt my heart wildly beat,
knowing not my destination, I sigh as I ponder my situation,
I stood in disbelief and breathe out my frustration.

I began my treacherous climb, slipping, sliding in the dirt like I was diving,
Anxiety wrapped its arms around me, without warning, I began crying,
like a fountain, I just let my tears spill,
nervously climbing this dangerous hill,
twas an uphill battle, getting above this hill that looks like a mountain,
my nerves rattle, my tears flow uncontrollably like a fountain,
gazing at this empty place, I felt as though I was going to die,
but then, I tried to pray even though I was terrified.

The hill so rough and splintery and so the task was hard, you see,
as I climb my feet grew weak,
wobbling a bit, I slowly try to stand,
brushing away the dirt from my knees and my feeble hand,
feeling of sinking, clawing for solid ground,
crawling on my belly I sensed the smell of death coming from all around,
the whisper of a cold wind blew and whipped across my face,
I silently whispered, oh Lord, this death fate I must embrace.

This experience is about a dream I had recently. Regrettably I woke up before reaching the top of the hill. It was a nerve rocking experience. I felt weak and tired when I woke up, only to realize it was only a dream.

Today you may have thought that you have reached your highest point and you cannot climb any further. Yet, there is hope and there are many lessons to be learnt from this difficult experience. Our focus should not stay hung up on all the struggles we face in life and possibly still experiencing at this time.

Regardless of how difficult opposition may rise, remember that the Almighty God has a purpose and plan to far exceed anything of the world and its leverages. When we stand firm in the relationship with God, he gives us power to overcome.

Whatever your mountain may be, I am confident that with God’s help you can climb it. Just imagine the glory of conquering it.

Dear Heavenly Father today give us strength though your Spirit to face whatever struggle may come our way. I know with you, we will get to the other side. In Jesus Christ name. Amen

11 thoughts on “A Treacherous Climb

      1. Fay Ann Swearing Post author

        Perseverance comes before the manifestation! Be still and know that God already worked it out! God will show you His timing and it will be well worth the wait and perseverance!


  1. Butler Brown Jr

    We have never owned a home. My wife and are tithers faithfully. We have been living from paycheck to paycheck. I hate living like this. We have found a home that is 10 minutes from my job. Would you please pray for me to get this home? The address is 6717 South Flagler Drive.


    1. Fay Ann Swearing Post author

      Your situation is familiar to me. I can relate. But I have proven God over and over again. In exercising my faith in a heavenly father who knows all things I have seen him make a way where I did not see any way out. Time after time I patiently waited on Him to take care of my needs in His own due time.
      I experienced a miracle last week. I didnt know how things would work out, but as I did all that I could do and just left the rest ENTIRELY up to the Lord without a care the miracle unfolded. Trust God, he is faithful. I will lift you up in prayer.



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