I Miss You Dad

Oh! sire today I reminisce the days of your physical existence,
Regretting how you severed abruptly in the cold, dark distance.
You fleet away from grasp,
And time had passed and lapse,
And I’m here in dolour,
Adrift from reality like in a dream of horrors.

I’m here in dismay,
Teardrops turning torrid into miry clay.
Though your words of wisdom are lights to my path,
Unanswered questions enhancing distraught.
There is no one to replace,
the man that kept me safe.
My beloved father so genial and clever,
My heart bleeds not solely because you’re gone but the things I wish I could have said before you severed.

Losing my dad is by far the most painful and heart-ripping and life-altering experience I’ve endured. Today, my message is simple, I miss my dad. He was and will always be, my hero.

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥