Divergent Paths

I stood at a crossroad wondering which road to choose,
Left or right, what will I gain or what will I loose,
I’m not sure if it’s better to choose, quickly…. or to contemplate,
for if I go the wrong direction, it will already be too late,
I stood motionless with confusion,
nothing to lead me with fresh infusion
left or right,
no markers in sight,
the path to the right looks rocky, yet it holds a special allure,
that is the way I really want to go, but I’m still a little unsure.

It seems hard but I must make a choice,
I know I must always listen to my inner voice,
slowly I stepped to the right on a stone filled path, knees shaking and feeling weak,
each stone wobbles as I try to balance my feet,
echos behind me speak of failure, but I have no desire to listen,
thoughts flashed across my mind of many who went missing,
as I travellled along the path, tears welled up in my eyes,
many questions lingered in my mind, I begin to ask God why…

Instantly I felt a warm embrace,
as my tears caressed my face,
many will never understand the feeling I got, it’s hard to explain but I’ll do my best,
I’d imagine it’s like fresh air deeply inhaled into my chest,
my lungs filled up with all the freshness,
and I exhaled all that causes me stress,
I continued on the rocky path, I know it is the best,
at last am free from misery, at last my feet found rest.

If you’re faced with obstacles along the right path, take heart knowing that you’re not on your own, God is with you every step of the way.

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥