Today’s Prayer # 69

Lord, thank you for this day. I am grateful for your unending love and amazing grace. I praise you for your protection over my loved ones and even my enemies. Thank you for answered prayer.

Abba Father I do not know what today may bring but I pray that it will bring love, peace, joy, kindness, protection, abundance, prosperity and blessings to bless others.

Abba Father, I SURRENDER ALL to you. ELOHIM, I release all my cares and worries to you. I place them at your divine feet, knowing that the battles of life’s journey belongs to you.

Thank you Lord for who you are. You are our protector, refuge, light, guide, healer, defender. You are faithful, merciful and kind. You are the one who sustains us, fight for us, gives us beauty for ashes. You are the balm to my aching wounds. You are our ultimate redeemer. You are the one who exchange our mourning with your oil of joy to make beauty of our life from the fire and ashes we have endured.

I pray that you lead and guide me in all that I do this day. Please help me not to do anything that is not of you. Help me to treat others right and praise you in all circumstances. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥



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