Daily Archives: July 14, 2020

Be Not Conformed, But Transformed

God specifically calls us to abstain from the activities of the world and remain pure. If we invest much of our time in the Word of God by reading it, studying it, talking and thinking about it, our thinking will change. Our old selfish and worldly thought processes will be replaced by new ones that are conformed to the mind of Christ Himself.

We need to listen to the instructions given to us by God and not wind up conforming to the world, but transforming the world to the word. We are people of God therefore, our character and behaviour MUST exemplify who we belong to and not who we are surrounded by. Now is the time for Christians to dare to be different. We must stand firm and hold true to the word of God.

It is my prayer that we will not conform to the world’s cultures but instead be transformed by what we know to be truth. Lord, we cannot do this in our power but through your Holy Spirit. Help us Lord.

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