Today’s Prayer # 65

Heavenly Father I thank you for a new day. Blessed be your holy name and thank you for the salvation of my soul. Starting and ending my day with you Lord, keeps me calm in the chaos. During this pandemic I choose to pray and cry out to you. You are my Father, my Protector my Shield, and my Provider. I can count on you to always be with me.

Lord I thank you for being in our daily routine. I am grateful that you have always been there for us. Father you have fought our many battles and you have given us the victory.

Dear Lord continue to sustain us and keep us safe, in you we find refuge and strength. Please help us to rest in you. Guide and protect us from the wickedness of this world. Deliver us from fear and anxiety and cover us under your wings.

Lord you have answered so many prayers in these pass years that I have brought before you and I return to say thank you my Lord. Father I know you will answer this one too. Thank you for being a loving God. I pray for the lost souls dear Lord and the backsliders. Father draw them back to you never to go back to sin only looking to you, focused to do your will. I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

May the love and peace of Jesus Christ be with all who read this and may the blessings of the Lord fall afresh on you all!!!

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