My Dad

My dad is no longer with us but he was a fantastic man! He had been a wonderful father from day one. One of the things I have most admired and respected about my dad is the way that he loved my mom and he loved his children deeply. If my dad loved his family so dearly, how much greater is the love freely given to us by our Heavenly Father! He had some obstacles in life but he always made it through. With the health problems he was faced with, my siblings stayed at the hospital by his side several days.

Like I said my dad strongly believed in hard work and instilled this in me. He worked extremely hard his entire life to provide the best for his family. From the first day until the day he passed, he reminds me to always “work hard at my studies so I can be successful in life.” My dad not only influences me through his actions, but also influences me through his words. He sacrificed himself so I can have more than he ever had. He has given me so much, including the most important thing in the world, all of his love.

My dad was talented, artistic, quiet, loving and strong headed. He taught me that actions were much more important than any words spoken. He taught me that independence comes with responsibility. He taught me that family is fundamental, and love is our foundation. He also taught me how to balance humility with confidence, and that those two traits would get me far in life.

He also taught me to respect my elders both at home and at school, and I always try to obey him. My teachers commended me for this and I owe it to my dad. When he passed away it was the hardest day of our lives. I have no bad memories of my dad. He helped make my childhood special. Only the most gracious and kind Heavenly father would have been so wise as to have given me, the most wonderful dad. I thank God for blessing us with our dad.

In loving memory of my hero, my Dad. Moses A. Swearing

Thank you for reading. Until next time…Much love and Blessings ❤❤❤

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