Today’s Prayer # 54

Dear Heavenly Father I praise and bless your holy name. You are our Saviour, Master, Creator, Provider, Protector and King of all kings. Father I thank you for waking me up with renewed strength. Thank you for your steadfast love, mercy and faithfulness. I worship you and bless you. I adore and exalt you today.

Lord my delight is in serving you and my desire is to follow you with unwavering faith but there are some things that I need you to destroy in my life. Please destroy the spirit of pride and replace it with humility. Remove the spirit of fear and replace it with faith.

Father I lift up my brothers and sisters before you today. Lord remember those who are hurting deeply but wear a smile to hide their pain. Lord, love on those who feel forgotten today. I lift up others who are burdened and in despair, remove their heavy weight. Remove the scales from the eyes of those who are blind to your truth and your grace.

Lord you are our everything. In sorrow you are our comfort, in distress you are our fortitude. Thank you for blessing us even more than we deserve. Order our steps in grace and in gratefulness. Order our steps that we may walk where you would have us go.

Father I pray that you bless everyone who reads this prayer. May they experience joy and peace of mind. I pray they feel your love and be enthralled in it today and always. Carry us through the pandemic with a new desire to seek you more. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray amen.

As always thank you for reading. Feel free to like, share, leave your thought or reblog.

Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥

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