Today’s Prayer # 48

Lord there is no drug that can calm our soul like you can. Whatever our needs maybe Jesus I know you have the answer. And all we need to do is to turn to you and trust you. Father I turn to you for help because I know only you can fix the situation. God am crying out to you because I know you specialize in impossible situations. Lord you can and will always do the impossible outside our own human comprehension and logic.

Abba you word declares that we should cast all our cares on you because you careth for us and so Almighty God I give you all the cares and concerns of my heart. Lord intervene in this crisis like only you can. Do not pass me by but resolve this problem and bring peace to the troubled minds and to all those who are hurting at this time.

Father help us to trust you completely as we surrender our troubles in your mighty and capable hands. Work out the impossible like only you can. There are so many things we would want to do to remedy this situation but we are mere human so we cannot. But I am so glad that I know a man who can. Thank you Jesus for helping me to know you. Lord help me to draw strength from you in my weakest moments. Thank you for the answers am about to receive. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray amen.

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥

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