Today’s Prayer #46

Thank you Father, my King and my hope. Thank you for your love and for always remaining faithful even when we are unfaithful to you. You deserve all glory forever and ever!

Thank you LORD for your amazing grace and your unending love to us.
I thank you for everything, life, health and strength. Sometimes I may question you but God have your way in my life. I give you the highest praise and adoration.

Heavenly Father I pray that you deliver us and keep us under your shelter in these difficult time. Forgive all our sins and trespasses.

I pray during these challenging times that we all grow in our faith, knowing that God you are still in control. You hear our prayers, and you are a good and loving Father! 

Release us Lord from fears and distress. Thank you for protecting us! I submit to your love, to your care, and your will. I place my trust in you. I entrust my life to you Lord because you are the Author and my Rock. Thank you Jesus Christ for your unfailing love, grace and mercy. I want to praise you and glorify your name forevermore. I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus name I pray amen.🙏🙏

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥

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