God Is Our Refuge and Strength

I did this post one year ago and was prompted to reblog it.

We are in the middle of a storm, as the coronavirus spreads across the world, let us wake up and take refuge in the God of our salvation.


10 thoughts on “God Is Our Refuge and Strength

  1. thefathersfeet

    Yes, God is our everything! He is that He is. The great I Am living in us! Praise Him! Praise Him from the dawn to setting sun, praise His holy name, the Lord, our Everything. God bless you sister. (((Fay))) ♡♡♡

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  2. YBP

    OH AMEN!!!! God is Our Refuge and Strength indeed! And He is much much bigger than any storm. HE IS MIGHTY BEYOND MEASURE. AND HE LOVES US ALL MIGHTILY! ❤️💚🧡💛💙💙💜❤️


    1. Fay Ann Swearing Post author

      Amen. Thank you for your valuable contribution.
      Indeed ABBA Father is our Refuge and strength. I place my life and the lives of my family and in holy hands so he can lead us and guide us on thisbjourney call life.



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