Today’s Prayer # 42

I love you so much Jesus. You are my Lord and Saviour, my strength, my hope, my best friend, you are the air I breathe. My life is nothing without you. I thank you for saving me and I ask that you continue to keep me on the path that you have chosen for me.

Father I pray that you guide and direct my steps as well as my heart as I face the challenges of a new day. Give me the strength to face whatever obstacles that may come my way. I pray that my blessings will out number the obstacles. Please help me to be kind, loving, patient and forgiving to everyone: family, friends, enemies, neighbours etc. I pray that you lead them all on the path you have chosen for them as well. 🙏🙌

Lord you know it is really hard to comprehend all of what is happening but help us not to murmur and complain but be quick to learn a valuable lesson from these days. Teach us to not fear but trust you wholeheartedly.

Father, while many of us sit at home and struggle with boredom and so many complaining, there are so many people out there working and risking their lives to keep things going. The healthcare workers, the security force, drivers, supermarket staff, public transportation staff, garbage collectors and all the other essential workers. Daddy I lift up these workers and to you. Protect them and their families. Protect our communities, cover this land with your blood, keep us under your pavilion and preserve each of us as this invisible virus run its course.

Lord remember those who are sick physically and emotionally. Bring healing to their mind and body. I lift up those who are sick spiritually, set them free from the bondage of sin and darkness. Remove the scales from their eyes and grant them new vision to see only you. May we not fail to return and say thank you for answered prayer. Thank you for listening to my petitions in Jesus name I pray amen. 🙌

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.♥♥♥

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