I Love You ❤❤

Dear Heavenly Father I just want to say I love you. ❤❤I love you because you showed me who you really are. I could not understand what love is until you showed me in a vision. I thank you for loving me completely, passionately, and perfectly.

We often focus on things we don’t have, and we complain. But when we stop to think about what you did for us because you love us, we will see how blessed we are. You are truly generous to us.❤❤

If we do not make God’s word part of our life and use it to remind us of his great and marvelous love for us and how he has given his all for us, then it easy for us to take the blessings he has given us for granted.

Lord I love you. I praise you from my heart and soul. I worship and adore you!

Thank you for visiting and reading. I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you. I pray that all will go well with you today and you will experience the love of God in a new way today.

Until next time… much love and blessings.❤❤