Meet My Best Friend

There is no friend like Jesus who knows me so well,
He is my greatest mentor, he came to save me from hell.
He helps me get though every single day,
Even when the devil keeps throwing pain in my way.

My best friend values me so much,
He always embraces me with his tender touch.
He willingly carries me when the path gets rough,
Always encouraging me when times seem so tough.

He knows when I am weary, he knows when I am weak,
He asks me to lean on him, his help I must gladly seek.
He knows how much I love Him, he knows that very well,
He knows I know he loves me, but words fail me to tell.

My friend tells me the things I must do as well as the things I shouldn’t do,
He urges me to love others and also forgive them too.
He tells me to be humble and cease not to pray,
Only learn to trust him, he will always make a way.

He’s a friend who is always there for me,
To help in times of stress and need.
When my heart is broken I go to Him in tears,
He gently embraces me as he takes away my fears.

Jesus is my best friend, he’s with me wherever I go,
Whenever I talk about him, a peaceful feeling flows.
When I remember how he loves me so,
I am strengthened to go out to face my foes.

When I was younger, I asked him to be a part of my life,
Ever since he’s being guiding me through all misery and strife.
At first I never understood how our friendship would be,
Today am rejoicing, he saved a sinner like me.

I have known him so long that I am able to say,
The very worst sinner my friend will not turn away.
Will you come to him now and do not delay,
Will you let him be your friend, as of today?

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Until next time…much love and blessings.♥♥♥♥