A Cold, Dark, Rainy Night

On a cold, dark, rainy night,
The sound of thunder blasted and brought a fright,
I heard the thunder rolled through the darkened skies,
I saw lightning flashed across my eyes.

As the boisterous thunder started to roar,
The rain came clapping in heavy downpour.
Tapping windows, and savaging the trees,
Like the sound of hoofs, scared the hell out of me.

The sound of the thunder, the rush of the rain,🌧☔💦
The strike of the lightning cause my heart much pain.
The rain and wind lashed the house with all of its might,
Nothing but darkness, not even a glimpse of light.

All the land with thunder quakes,
The plants shudders and mountain shakes.
Streets and gullies turned into sea,
Dear Lord I wondered, what would the morning be.


the main road in my community after the rain

The trees whistled at the touch of the breeze,
As the thunder roared, I long for sweet peace.
Slowly the raindrops became steady and light,
I humbly prayed to make it through the night.

Quietly I crunched in my bed, shivering under the sheet,
Gradually the wind and rain did cease.
My prayer was answered oh what a joy and delight,
Sweet dreams I’ll have throughout the night.

~Copyright © September 9, 2019 Fay Ann Swearing ~

This poem was inspired by an experience I had a few nights ago and serves as a reminder that struggles do not last forever, God will bring us out in due time. While we wait, may God grant us peace, joy, comfort and strength to go through.

As always thanks for reading. Feel free to like, leave your thought or reblog.

Until next time…much love and blessings.♥♥♥♥

8 thoughts on “A Cold, Dark, Rainy Night

  1. Vincent Martin

    Hi! I am reminded of that saying “this to shall pass” while being afraid and shivering.
    Amazing that whenever disaster strikes I remember to pray and later soon forget my promises.
    God forgives when we pray for we are human and daily need forgiveness.
    God bless!


    1. Fay Ann Swearing Post author

      Thanks my brother for your contribution.

      The longer we live, the more “storms” we are likely to face. Despite the terrible, inexplicable trials that I’m faced with I will not turn my back on God. I have no doubt that it too shall pass.



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