Missing You Dad

Cherish your loved ones. You never know when God will call them home. Losing a loved one is never easy. But by the grace of God, things do get easier.
The pain will never go away completely, and you will always miss them, but you can dwell on the happy memories you have made with them over the years, along with knowing the joy and the promise that God gives us through His beautiful resurrection and life. You can have full confidence that you will see your loved ones again.
Because of you I cried😭 today,
Wondering why you had to go away.
So many things I didn’t get to say,
My wish is to see you just one more day.

Many years have passed but I will never forget that day,
Someone came to my mom, told her that you have passed away.
I keep thinking about you even though it causes me much pain,
I would give anything just to have you in my life again.

It seems unfair that you had to go,
How I miss you, only heaven knows.
My heart hurts and I still wonder why,
The pain is deep, I just sit and cry.😥

20190829_0912311107175060.pngDaddy I miss you,
I don’t know what to do.🤷‍♂
This is something I wasn’t prepared to go through,
How I wish you knew it’s so hard living without you.

Many times I wish you were still here,
To celebrate my joys, and help to calm my fears.
I’ve spent more of my life without you, it’s so sad to say,
But I want you to know, I think about you night and day.

Daddy, I miss you especially today.
The ache I feel in my heart just won’t ever go away.
As the memories flow, soundless sobs escape with pain,
I miss you now as I did back then, I just hope one day to see you again.

If only I had known of your death in advance,
To hug 🤗 you and be by your side, I wouldn’t have missed that single chance.
Today I really miss you and am feeling very sad,
But I know you will always love me, because you are forever, my Dad.😘

Daddy your little girl has grown up now, but you are not here to see her. I miss you very much daddy. I can never say goodbye to you, because I could never bear the pain. Instead I say Dad I love you, until we meet again.😘❤❤
In loving memory of my hero, my Dad. Moses A. Swearing

Thank you for reading. Until next time…Much love and Blessings ❤❤
~Copyright © August 29, 2019 Fay Ann Swearing ~

23 thoughts on “Missing You Dad

  1. Keeble Johnson

    Missing you Dad lm sorry you lost your dad. I lose my mom but you lost your dad from an early age..May God who called you comfort you. Cheer up the Lord is with you.


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  3. LDSVenus

    I’m sorry for his loss when you were a child, I know it leaves a hole in your heart for the time you missed knowing him, but I know he will be there to greet you when you return to the Savior. I lost my mom in 2000 to cancer and the loss of a parent is so hard, but I know she will be there to greet me as well. My dad is still here but I don’t get to see him very often as I live in a different state and he’s lost his hearing so I have to communicate with him by mail. I look forward to the time we will all be together again with the Savior, until then I will do what I need to share the gospel with others and let his love light their lives.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fay Ann Swearing Post author

      Thank you for your valuable contribution and reminding me of the hope we have in seeing our loved ones again.
      Am also striving to share the gospel with others and represent my Saviour in all I say and do

      Blessings to you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Child Of God

        I did and also was able thanks to zThe Lord to forgive her for not protecting me from my stepfather that molested me. I forgave me as well. He is almost 82 years old and I love him in a Christian way as a man that failed. I prsy for his salvation and have for many years.

        Liked by 1 person

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