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Life Is Short – Do It Today

For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away. 1 Peter 1:24

Do the people you love know you love them? Have the people in your world heard the good news? Do they know there’s a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally?

Some flights take off and arrive to their final destination quicker than others. While for others it’s as if they are just getting started and they are no longer here.

The saying, “Life is short is really true”.

Life is short. So short in fact that we can be here one moment, and gone the next. I know I have been there, I have experienced it first hand. Life is sometimes unexpectedly short, but it is also a gift, we need to use it wisely. We do not know what tomorrow holds, we cannot bank on tomorrow.

Has someone made a difference in your life? Has someone been an influence in your life? Give them a call or send them a message! Don’t let another day go by without letting that person know. Do it today.

Life is too short to leave good deeds and gestures undone and kind words unsaid. The things you do and the words you say, might just make all the difference in the world today. Sometimes it’s the small things that we often overlook that are important in life. These things really rekindle our love for one another.

Do It Today
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
The young or old alike,
Today may be the last chance,
You get to hold your loved ones tight.

So hold your loved ones close today,
And whisper in their ear,
Tell them how much you love them,
And that you will always hold them dear.

Life is absolutely uncertain. We have no clue what tomorrow may bring. We ONLY get TODAY. Love someone today. Love your enemies. Forgive someone today. Be the light somewhere today. Do it today.

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Do have a wonderful and calm Friday. Much love and Blessings❤❤