Quiet Times With God

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.” (Matthew 6:.6)

In order to go deeper with God we must sit quietly in His presence, talk with Him, and let Him talk with us. Those who say they can develop their relationship with God without stated times of prayer and the reading of His Word are fooling themselves. Jesus (as we saw) is our best example. He knew God’s presence better than anyone, yet He made time to get alone with Him and talk to Him in private prayer. To say that we can develop a rich relationship with God by recognizing we are always in His presence but without taking time to have a spiritual focus is as senseless as saying that we can live in a state of physical nourishment without having regular meals.

I often ask other Christians friends if they have a daily or regular quiet time, and sometimes the answers I receive astonish me. One man told me: “Yes, I get up early, sit quietly in my garden and watch the birds feeding or the fish swimming in the pond … and I feel rejuvenated in my spirit and ready to start the day.” The modern idea of a quiet time!

The whole purpose of the quiet time is to take in the spiritual resources of God. Nature is wonderful and restorative, but for the intake of spiritual resources we need the blessing that comes from the Word of God and prayer. The quiet time is where the soul grows receptive, where prayer becomes powerful. In turn we gain the quiet heart, that becomes quiet confidence, and that becomes quiet power.

If we don’t seek God, we won’t be able to properly handle trials that come our way. If we don’t seek God, we will wind up doing our own thing and not His will. If we don’t seek God, we won’t have the peace that surpasses understanding in our lives. Many Christians are practicing the microwave kind of lifestyle. One or two minutes in prayer and scripture reading yet we expect to grow and become more like Christ. Intimacy cannot be developed with an occasional one minute rush, rush conversation. We need to spend quiet time with God to get to know him and do His will.

Father, deepen the conviction within me that I cannot develop my relationship with you without taking the time to commune with you. Help me make my meeting times with you one of life’s great priorities. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I am never satisfied and want more of God and so I am committing to spending more quiet time with Him. How about you?

4 thoughts on “Quiet Times With God

  1. Dawn

    The guy sitting in the garden is failing to realize his peace comes from the Creator not the creation. The beauty of nature is calming but it is God that has provided that outlet.

    I do my best to pray and read the Word early before starting my day. I also pray throughout the day as I do my daily task. I love taking walks on Saturday mornings and talking to the Lord.

    Faye thanks for bringing this up. Your post always make me think. Thanks for listening to the Holy Spirits instructions and sharing what you learn with us. Love you sister! 🥰


    1. Fay Ann Swearing Post author

      Aww Dawn you captured this nicely, the guy fail to realize that his peace indeed comes from the Creator…continue reading the word and pray, both are tools to help us in our journey back to our heavenly Father.

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