Daily Archives: June 15, 2019

Special Anniversary 🙌🏼💃🏽

I did it! I got baptized, I took the plunge, I got immersed!!

Praise God today 15th June mark another milestone with the 33rd anniversary of my Baptism.

I must say it was a wonderful experience for me. I was nervous, but also excited at the same time.

I never expected to feel such a nervous shake in my legs as I stood at the altar in front of so many people. I was so thankful that my family was there to support me, I did not plan to be baptized, but I accepted the invitation that was extended to me that night.

I remember that night vividly. What a night that was. Heart-leaping, spirit-soaring, joyful jubilation! That was exactly the way I felt that night! I had never felt so utterly thrilled about anything before.

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