Lost In The Forest

Have you ever found yourself in a “forest”?

Sometime before 3am I had a dream about being in a forest. I dreamt I was traveling to an unknown destination with family members, when suddenly I realized I was alone in an unfamiliar place. There I stood, no clue about my surroundings, a place I had never been before. I looked around and there were only trees and more trees. I then realized that I was lost in this unknown forest. I started walking in the direction that I thought was the way to get out but there was no end in sight. I was seriously doubting if I was even heading in the right direction as the bush was so thick. I tripped and fell over tree branches and rocks as I struggle to find my way home.

As I walked deeper into this strange and enchanted forest, I heard sounds of running water. And as I moved forward I saw clean, clear water running, which appeared to come from a stand pipe, yet I did not see any pipe.

rainwater-barrelsOn the opposite side was a drum filled with water, I removed the cover and was about to take out some of the water but realized some black insects were in the water. I quickly replaced the cover and walked across to the opposite side…there I saw a high fence and I could not go any further. A very fat lady was standing close by and I asked her for directions. After a long silence she motioned that I should go back in the direction I came from.

I walked around in the forest, trying to find a way out. It felt like I had been walking forever, my legs felt like jelly and I had no energy left. I was exhausted! I stopped and stood under a tree, when suddenly I saw something. Turning around I saw a faint light in the distance and the sound of a vehicle. Anxiety flooded through me and a thousand thoughts flooded through my mind. What if it’s someone coming to my rescue? What if they kidnap me…? The light disappeared within seconds.

As I walked on further into the woods it was difficult to know where I was going and when I would get out. Anxiety was pounding at my heart, but there was no going back. I had to keep going. Looking ahead of me I saw a tree loaded with ripe fruits. I thought of picking some for family members but was awakened out of my sleep. Thank you for stopping by and reading. I am grateful for your visit and I invite you to leave a comment. I am open to your thoughts and I will consider it a blessing to hear from you!

1 thought on “Lost In The Forest

  1. Vincent Martin

    Lovely dream. Thx for sharing about the trees and forest, water and fruit.
    That was a lively place considering a place that is barren like the desert, the heat of the sun, sand and wind.

    Liked by 1 person


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