Daily Archives: April 3, 2019



               Birthday Medz

If you are looking for an example of God’s grace, look no further. This is ME! It is by God’s grace I am celebrating another year of fulfilment. Without God I am nothing and for this I appreciate Him for the gift of life.

Today I woke up and realized I have been blessed with another year on earth, with my family and friends to share it with, and with a grateful heart I say thank you Heavenly Father.

It is stunningly humbling and awe-inspiring to be alive today that I cannot help but think that having the opportunity to grow older is a total privilege worth celebrating. The joy I am feeling today is epic, I am blessed and honoured that another year has been added to my life. Whilst I am experiencing a little discomfort physically, I am able to get out of bed and move around without anyone assisting me, here I am feeling bubbly, and thanking God for being alive.

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