Living The Fruit of the Spirit

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

You may notice that the word, “fruit,” is in the singular number. There is only one fruit of the Spirit, but it contains nine virtues. If one of the virtues is missing then we do not have the fruit of the Spirit.

The bible speaks of the visible “fruit of the Spirit” that are characteristics of a Christian. These are the attitudes, behaviours and traits that someone who believes in Jesus Christ should show. Every Christian is continually maturing toward Christlikeness and the word of God helps us to understand how the Holy Spirit guides us!

The fruit of the Spirit is the true characteristic of a life full of Jesus. The Spirit is the One who enables us to live the heavenly life, the life of the resurrected Christ. If we display the fruit of the Spirit we will show people the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will make the gospel attractive.

The works of the flesh are what we can do in our own strength; but the fruit of the Spirit comes from a new nature and new identity in Christ.

The fruit of the Spirit needs to be planted in good soil and in a good climate. The fruit of the Spirit does not grow overnight. Every born again believer has the seed planted in their heart by the Holy Spirit. It has to be planted, weeded and cultivated. The fruit has to be watered, weeded and fertilized. How do we plant it? Like a branch cannot make the fruit, we cannot just simply choose to be loving, patience, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and have self-control.

A branch must stay firmly attached to the trunk to stay alive. As disciples of Christ, we must stay firmly connected to Him to produce the fruit of the Spirit and remain spiritually productive. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to create those characteristics in our lives. Our job is to stay connected to Jesus. A branch draws strength, nourishment, protection, and energy from the vine. If it is broken off, it quickly dies and becomes unfruitful. When we neglect our spiritual life, ignore the Word of God, neglect prayer, and withhold areas of our lives from the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit, we are like a branch broken off the vine. Our lives become fruitless. We need to plant God’s word in our hearts, reflect on them, let them fill our thoughts and apply them to our daily lives.

The fruit must not just be planted, admired or put on display; the fruit must be given to others. People around us are starving for love and all the other virtues of the Spirit, we are to be showing Jesus to the world by our conduct and character. This fruit is not for us, it is for others and when they see the fruit in our lives, they know that we have something different and they might want it. So, we do not show fruit for our own benefit; we show fruit so others can be fed and helped, and so the fruit will spread and multiply. The real benefits of the fruit are for others. Look at a tree, it produces fruit. That fruit is not for the tree, it is for somebody else.

Others should be able to experience the fruit of the Spirit (example, love or joy etc) just from being around you. When sinners come in contact with you, this fruit that you are producing, this character of God that you are displaying, will help point them to Jesus. How can you tell what type of tree it is? We can tell the type of tree by looking at the fruit that it produces. The fruit is a quick and easy way for us to tell that the tree is healthy because it is putting out fruit like it is supposed to. And it helps us to identify the type of tree by just looking at what fruit is growing.

The fruit on a tree does not have to be well developed to figure out what it is, but it needs to be there. In the same manner, if the fruit does not continue to grow so as to reach maturity, then the tree is worthless and is cut down and cast aside (John 15). True children of God strive to do what is pleasing to Him, and that takes some time and effort to learn. We can see the Holy Spirit working in us and changing us by the fruit that we produce. Of course we are not going to start budding apples and oranges, but we will produce certain words, thoughts and actions. These are all accomplished as we read the Word of God, as we fellowship, and as we yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit. As we begin to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, the fruit in us begins to grow. We want to be more like Christ, and the Holy Spirit works in us to produce that kind of fruit.

The fruit that a Christian produces has no defects. Ephesians 5:9 says, “For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth”.

If the life of the tree be healthy, there will be good and abundant fruit. The fruit simply reveals what is in the tree. In the fruit, the tree gives its own witness as to what its state and nature is.

If the life of Christ is dwelling in you, running through your spiritual veins, people will know that you belong to Christ because of the fruit that you are producing.

3 thoughts on “Living The Fruit of the Spirit

  1. Vincent Martin

    Hello Fay-Ann! Thanks for your posting. Just reading your post inspires,encourages and feeds the spirit. Much thanks.


  2. Keeble Johnson

    I Find your post to be very informative and very interesting.It has helped me to be more aware of my my christian commitment and strive to be more Christlike.God bless you keep up the good work.


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