Tithing Brings Blessings

I thought it would be good to share my testimony on tithing, so that anyone out there who may be doubting or even just without the know how, can start trusting God because He honors His word above His name.

“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Malachi 3:10

This is my testimony that God does EXACTLY what He promises!

There was a time in my life when I was not tithing regularly. During that time I was not able to save because there was always something coming up in my monthly budget that would consume my savings. That coupled with indiscipline caused me to save very little if any at all for that period.

My sinful nature kept me from wanting to tithe. My feeble excuses seemed like justifiable rationalizations for not tithing. Yet try as I might, I just could not seem to provide for myself with 100% of my money.

Since willingly tithing with a gracious heart, I have found things to be so much easier. Favorable circumstances continue to happen, my heart is full of joy, and I walk with confidence knowing that God guides and provides for me because I obey his words and trust in him. Tithing I have to say has opened the doors for God to bless me. These blessings do not only come in the form of money, but it also comes in the form of good health, good relationship and peace of mind.

God has promised me provision if I tithe. He says I can prove him in this.

To be honest I don’t know how I afford to tithe. I should be low on cash every month, but I am not. Interestingly, now that I am tithing every single month, there are dramatic changes in my life. If you are expecting me to say I am now a millionaire, I am sorry to disappoint. That is not the point of tithing, and it does not mean you will get rich; it means God will provide. And He has been in many unexpected ways. He is blessing my efforts, as Malachi 3:10-11 says, and is providing the opportunity to save.

TITHING DOES WORK…It pays rich dividends to tithe. You cannot afford not to tithe.

The widow in Mark 12:41-44 gave when there was nothing to offer. She gave 100% of what she had. She completely trusted God with not only her finances but her very existence.

Tithing is truly an act of faith. It is putting your trust in God and knowing that He will provide all your needs.

Tithing have nothing to do with money and everything to do with my relationship with God. He just wants us to be a demonstration on his faithfulness to his word. Tithing only enters us into a covenant of blessings that is humanly imposible to understand. WE CANNOT LOSE. But so many christians act as if they are playing the lottery with God. Why wouldn’t we want to let others see how great our God?

Tithing is a sure way of receiving blessings. It comes back in various ways like healing, protection, provision, favour, connections, long life and great achievement. Tithing isn’t me giving 10% to God, it’s God giving me 90% – it’s ALL His.

You have to be obedient in your walk with God also. It is an act of obedience and worship that allows us to become closer to God. Tithe out of your love and obedience to God. Don’t tithe because you are in trouble and or in need. Do not tithe looking for the return.

Rather tithe with an attitude which is responding to the extravagant goodness that God has already demonstrated to you. Tithe because it is what we are suppose to cheerfully do. Give with the right heart and attitude. There is a return from the Lord, blessing from Him when we ‘seek first the kingdom of God’. I am grateful that I have a full understanding of this divine principle and its effects. Tithing is a great way to demonstrate we are seeking God first. Invariably when we do all our needs are met by our Heavenly Father.

Not to say that you won’t mess up…but it all works together in our relationship with God. The greatest blessing tithing teaches me is to trust God. Tithing is meant as a vehicle to re-establish trust between us and God. I am convinced to my grave that giving with the right attitude is what God intended for all his children.

It is my prayer that anyone struggling financially or in any way possible, please consider obeying God in paying your tithes. Malachi 3:9-12 has made it clear of the awesome things God will do just by obeying this simple command. It is very simple because He is asking for a tenth and leaving us with 90% including numerous blessings. Our God is faithful.

Give your tithes cheerfully and liberally and experience the blessings of the Lord. He is challenging you to prove Him today.

Remember this: When we give in this manner, that is, cheerfully, then we can have confidence in knowing that God can make all grace abound to us, so that we will have sufficiency in all things at all times.

So will you trust God today? It is my sincerest hope that you will.

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Fay Ann Swearing

I am Fay Ann, and it is pretty simple. I am a firm believer in God and a Christian blogger who loves writing. My mission is to encourage others to continue living for Christ and remain faithful, focus and fervent. I know God loves me and he also loves you because you are His child; and his nature is to love His children. I am here to declare God’s praises to those who don’t know him so they can find his marvellous light and leave their world of darkness. It is also my desire to become a channel of inspiration and hope to other people especially women who are struggling. I also have the passion to inspire young people to live their life with a purpose for the Lord. I have learned that what milk is to a baby’s body, the word of God is to the soul. It is the food that fuels healthy spiritual growth and just like your mother used to tell you, if you want to grow you need to eat. I feel strongly that these daily reminders of God’s word and presence in our lives is key to maintaining a Godly perspective as we begin each day; and pray that you will be inspired and blessed by the daily devotionals and are passing them along to family and friends. My favourite activities include reading, writing and spending time with great friends and family. I love to share the best thing in my life, the gospel. Let’s be stronger together. You can subscribe below to receive free grace-filled devotionals for your encouragement. God Bless you richly. Shalom.

13 thoughts on “Tithing Brings Blessings”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement… I’ve been trying especially since last year and I’ve seen where the Lord always provides my DAILY bread… .it’s all about trusting our Jehovah Jireh

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  2. Thank you for this piece on tithing. In years gone by while I was unsaved, I felt a conviction to pay my tithes. It was very diligent in giving and I saw where God blessed me. Unfortunately after a while, I stopped because I took on additional financial obligations. In my mind it was too difficult to tithe when I have so much to do with money. When I became a member of another church, I began to question what the money was used to do. In recent times God arrested me on this matter of tithing. He spoke profoundly to me to the point where I was moved to tears. That conviction led me to asking for forgiveness then I started to do the right thing.


    1. Great testimony Ithamora.
      From my experience of talking to other persons I find it is interesting that so many people seem to go through a phase where they test the waters with tithing to see if it really does work. I have really found that when we are faithful with our tithing, God really blesses us and continues to make things happen for us financially and spiritually.
      Plus, tithing helps me stay grounded when it comes to money. We just need to remember that God does not need our money (its already his), its more about us being faithful stewards of what he has given us, so that in return he can bless us (not always monetary). God owns all my money and I am just a steward of it.
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Over the years my husband and I have tithed, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: When we step out in faith, God provides–often by stretching our dollars. For example: We were a young family of five on a tight budget when I “happened” to pass a table in a store piled high with a jumble of children’s tennis shoes. Our toddler daughter was in need of a new pair, but I was doubtful I’d find any “Slims” (for narrow feet). But there they were–in her size! And guess how much they cost? $.50!! Watching God provide in such miraculous ways is incredibly delightful! You are so right, Fay Ann: Tithing DOES work. P.S. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you find the posts meaningful, whenever you’re able to visit!

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    1. Thanks my sister for sharing your testimony. God is faithful to keep his promises. God says that when we tithe it unlocks something in the spiritual realm that enables God to start taking action on our behalf. The first thing that happens is that God is able to open up the windows of heaven and begin to pour additional financial blessing into our lives if we’re willing to receive it.

      Am happy I found your blog. The posts so far are refreshingly inspirational and ring out truths. Blessings to you and your ministry.


  4. As you say, it ALL belongs to God. After giving back the 10%, we then look at the 90% as also belonging to Him. We are not the owners but mere stewards of what is His. (On the other hand, He takes VERY good care of His stewards. 😉 )


  5. Yes, there is supernatural provision in the Tithe! But, it’s important to understand that, tithing isn’t for everyone. And that’s exactly why we face ridicule and persecution when we try to teach it to certain people who it is not for.

    Yes, we believe in the power of the tithe, and we’ve even seen it work for ourselves in our own lives. We feel so convinced and convicted, and even so thrilled and blessed and overjoyed!!! That we want to go around preaching and teaching this principle to everyone we know and to anyone we meet! LOL!

    But, this is where we come into problems. GOD’s provision is not ordained for every one in the same way. In fact, some people, even devout Christians, are actually meant to be broke and poor. This is the lot on their lives, and we have no right or authority to interfere with the blessing or the curse which GOD has placed upon their life.

    Therefore, we must participate with tithing with respect and understanding, so we won’t be unnecessarily crucified by those who passionately reject this higher spiritual principle.

    Therefore, we need to begin to keep tithing as a secret. If you are not a minister or if you were not called to do GOD’s work of teaching the word, then you should not attempt to teach tithing to anyone. Leave this tasks to the church and to the spiritual leaders and masters in the world.

    Sure, you can give a testimony if you are feeling overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. But don’t slip up and try to teach about how it works, or what it is. Just testify truthfully about how GOD is true to his promise and how good tithing has worked for you in your life. But, leave it at that.

    We have a responsibility to be respectful and orderly with GOD’s power. It’s not for everyone, and for the sake of peace, this must be respected.

    Don’t worry too much about poor people, because GOD provides for them just like he provides for the birds of the air. So, don’t waste your time or your energy trying to give them wealth and riches. Instead, let them remain poor, and they will begin to seek wealth and riches on their own when they are good and ready.

    Surprisingly, when they do begin to seek great wealth and riches, they will be directed towards the face of GOD, whom will begin to guide them along their journey. Because the truth is, without GOD, there is no wealth, and there are no riches!

    So let their poverty states motivate them to seek The Lord, and there is when their hearts will be opened towards the power and the command of tithing.

    For those of you who do tithe, and who do understand the power and the true significance of the tithe, please hear council. It’s important for you to continue to keep yourself motivated and stimulated by constantly seeking out positive testimonies about how the tithe has worked for others.

    We need to keep ourself inspired about the power of GOD, and this is why GOD sends powerful waves of joy and happiness to us after He works and delivers. It’s so we will be naturally moved to give powerful testimonies so we can touch other believers. That way, we can remain inspired and paused to give and receive from GOD freely and abundantly.

    I love you all much, and thanks for reading!


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  6. Wow! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valuable contribution. I find your comment very instructive and insightful. There are some deep thoughts to ponder as well.

    This resonates with me: ” Don’t worry too much about poor people, because GOD provides for them just like he provides for the birds of the air. So, don’t waste your time or your energy trying to give them wealth and riches. Instead, let them remain poor, and they will begin to seek wealth and riches on their own when they are good and ready”.

    Thanks again for sharing. Blessings to you as you navigate your journey with the Lord.


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