My Jury Duty Experience

The evening the summon arrived at home for me to serve as a Juror, I cringed. I was not excited about exercising this privilege. The thought of being gone from work for three weeks up to a month for jury duty evoked feelings of nervousness and annoyance, but, believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy the experience. I think you will find it to be an eye-opening, if not transformative experience.

My jury duty experience lasted over three weeks. I was part of a jury where the defendant was accused of three counts – forceable abduction, sexual touching and rape. It was a case with a defense attorney at law who had a great sense of humor and a jury group that was pleasant to be with and took the responsibility seriously. The jury team was made up seven members of society (including myself). We did not have an equal representation of men and women as it was made up of an odd number, nor did we have an equal age representation as we were randomly selected. From the start, we all seemed to bond pretty well. As a group we often found a way to laugh despite the boredom and heavy subject matter. Prayer brought us together and made us an incredibly efficient and productive jury: hearing over 25 cases.

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