The Condition of the Storm

St. Matthew 8:23-27

The waves were so high that they were going over the boat.

The water was crashing up against the boat and flooding the boat.

The wind was about to make the boat turn over.

Their resources were little compared to their storm.

If something or some one doesn’t come up with a good idea, the boat is going to sink.

If the boat sank, they would not be able to survive such a storm if they had to try to swim to shore.


This was the greatest storm that they had ever faced.

Their anchor would not be able to hold their boat.

Their sailing skills are now useless.

Their “lessons on surviving the storm” they learned are all used up.

And the way things are going, this might be the last storm they may ever face.

But…There is something interesting here in this story. We are told that Jesus was sound to sleep while this storm was going on.

Jesus was riding was where the pilot of the ship stayed. This reminds us that Jesus was not only in control of the storm JESUS WAS CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP!

There was no need for the disciples to be afraid.

The storm had risen to its peak, but now King Jesus rises to His position.

The storm arose suddenly but the Saviour arose supremely.

I have learned a valuable lesson in my life – STORMS HAVE A WAY OF DRIVING US BACK TO GOD!