Work and Rest

The passage that comes to mind when I think of neglecting to rest is Luke 10:38-42 about Jesus going to Martha’s home. Martha was worried about all the tasks that needed to be completed, while Mary was focused on Jesus. Jesus told Martha that she was anxious and troubled about many things, but the only thing that was needed was to be in His presence. I believe our culture resembles Martha when we need to resemble more of Mary. We need to slow down and find Jesus, and take the time to rest.

God knows us well, knows our tendencies and our weaknesses, God knew we need help developing a healthy balance of work and rest. And so, God gives us several examples of how important it is to develop a healthy work-rest balance in the bible.

“Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth.” Genesis 1:26 God creates people with a job in mind: responsibility over creation. Both the fact that people are created in God’s image and the immensity of the task he entrusts to them prove that God intends his people to work. Similarly, he intends his people to rest, after the pattern he models on the seventh day of creation (Genesis 2:2).

Life is more like a number of activities that compete for our attention. We are not made to work constantly. When we live at a busy pace, rest is the chance for us to rejuvenate and avoid burnout. But it goes beyond that. Rather than simply recharging us so we can tackle our work week, rest can change how we fundamentally view our lives. Rest gives us the ability to refocus. Rest is a source of refreshment.

As good as work is, as much as it provides not only for our needs, but the needs of others the common good, we need rest as well. In fact, God desires that we rest. He created work and He also created rest into the very fabric of creation.

Work is still noble and it still brings joy, but because of sin it is also beset with challenges and difficulties. The fall in the garden makes work exhausting, and, the deeper significance of rest established in creation is overshadowed by people’s physical need for rest.

The rhythm of work and rest is for everyone as part of our created nature. Overwork or underwork violates that nature and leads to breakdown. To rest is actually the way to enjoy and honor the goodness of God’s creation and our own. To violate the rhythm of work and rest (in either direction) leads to chaos in our life and in the world around us. There is a time to work and a time to rest.

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Fay Ann Swearing

I am Fay Ann, and it is pretty simple. I am a firm believer in God and a Christian blogger who loves writing. My mission is to encourage others to continue living for Christ and remain faithful, focus and fervent. I know God loves me and he also loves you because you are His child; and his nature is to love His children. I am here to declare God’s praises to those who don’t know him so they can find his marvellous light and leave their world of darkness. It is also my desire to become a channel of inspiration and hope to other people especially women who are struggling. I also have the passion to inspire young people to live their life with a purpose for the Lord. I have learned that what milk is to a baby’s body, the word of God is to the soul. It is the food that fuels healthy spiritual growth and just like your mother used to tell you, if you want to grow you need to eat. I feel strongly that these daily reminders of God’s word and presence in our lives is key to maintaining a Godly perspective as we begin each day; and pray that you will be inspired and blessed by the daily devotionals and are passing them along to family and friends. My favourite activities include reading, writing and spending time with great friends and family. I love to share the best thing in my life, the gospel. Let’s be stronger together. You can subscribe below to receive free grace-filled devotionals for your encouragement. God Bless you richly. Shalom.

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