God Our Father

Our Father in Heaven Matthew 6:9

The title “Our Father” speaks of a very personal relationship. There is a God in heaven who cares about us. And he is called our Father.

Even though we all have needs and we all have them all the time; God is well aware of every single one of them. It isn’t enough for the Lord just to know about what His children need; He possesses the ability to meet those needs.

Sometimes the human parents just do not know what the needs of the children are. We may not always know, but our Heavenly Father always knows. Nothing happens in your life or mine that goes unnoticed by our Heavenly Father.

Many people live in doubt of God’s great ability to care for His people; but I would like to remind you that if God can speak this universe into existence, He can take care of you. If He can keep Noah safe through that flood; feed Elijah with the ravens; put meal in the barrel, oil in the cruse and life in the boy for the widow; keep the three Hebrew boys safe in the furnace; secure Daniel in the lion’s den; feed Israel manna and quail in the wilderness for forty years; take care of those disciples in that storm; part the Red Sea for Moses; raise Lazarus from the dead; walk on the water; feed the five thousand, and countless other things too numerous to mentions; I know He is able to take care of you! He is able, Ephesians 3:20; Matthew 28:18; Jeremiah 32:17, 27; Romons 4:21.

Everything God has for us and that He is for us is wrapped in the word “Father.”

A truth to always remember: In Jesus we have discovered the most important truth of the universe. God is our Father.

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