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When Christ is Real in Us, The Smaller Our Problems Become

“He must become greater; I must become less.” -John 3:30

There are times when I am doing my devotions that I journal, that is, I keep a diary of what is going on in my life. I sometimes look back on that and gain new insight on what I was going through back then. I have become more adept at interpreting God’s leading and plan for me as I further experience life and receive what He has done.

By looking back on what we have been through and seeing the hand of God there, we can have greater comfort and encouragement for what we are going through now or even what lies ahead. As I gain new insight into my personality and the Lord’s working into my issues and problems, I realize how small they really are compared to my Lord’s holiness and greatness.Concentrating on Christ and what He has done will lift us up better and more completely than anything else we could ever do. It has taught me to look beyond myself and concentrate on Christ.

We look at God’s Word as a mirror to ourselves, into our souls, not to see us, but to see God working in us. When we only see ourselves, we see sin, brokenness, failure, self-seeking inclinations, and wrong attitudes. We must see God’s interests and not our own; then our devotions and journals become tools for us to mature in the faith. Christ will become more real in us, as our problems become less. 

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True Greatness Is Found In God

Abraham, by God’s standards, was one of the greatest men who ever lived. What made Abraham great? One thing: Abraham believed God (Genesis 15:6, Galatians 3:6). He believed God with his whole being. He banked his life on the belief that God existed and rewarded those who seek him (Hebrews 11:6).

He believed in God’s promises so much that he did not even have to receive what was promised in his lifetime (Hebrews 11:13). And his belief in God led him to obey God’s call on him to leave his kin and culture and go live in a foreign land as an alien and exile for the sake of God’s glory and his future purposes (Hebrews 11:8–9, 13). And Abraham’s faith-filled obedience to seek God’s kingdom first changed the course of human history — and is still changing it.

The truly great people in God’s eyes are not the great achievers but the great believers. They really believe God and therefore seek his kingdom first (Matthew 6:33). They know that they have no greatness of their own — all greatness is God’s — so they are free to be the servants of all (Mark 9:35). Because they know that here they “have no lasting city” (Hebrews13:14) their eyes are set on the city with everlasting foundations (Hebrews 11:10). That’s where they lay up their treasures (Matthew 6:20), and so they are happy to forego them here as God calls.

In the end, the great believers are the truly great achievers. They build the house that God is building and therefore the greatest house and only house that will last (Psalm 127:1). What they have to show of their lives when they die may not look like much. But what they have built will go on growing forever. It will make an eternal difference; it will leave an eternal mark, the longest-lasting legacy.

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