Daily Archives: September 19, 2014

The Benefits of the Word of God – Part 3

The Word brings purpose to life (John 17:17-18). Jesus prayed, in His high priestly prayer, that God would sanctify us through His Word. He went on to say, “As you have sent me into the world, I also have sent them into the world” (John 17:17-18). Jesus came into the world with purpose. Even so, as we get into His Word we will begin to find purpose in Him.

Sanctification is not only setting us apart from sin but it is also setting us apart unto His divine purpose. If you want to know His purpose for your life, get into the Word of God until He reveals it to you. It may not come all at once but one step at a time. In this way, we are able to show ourselves faithful and we are not overwhelmed by the revelation of His will (Purpose) all at once.

The Word brings spiritual growth (Romans 10:17 and 1 Peter 2:2). We simply cannot grow spiritually apart from the Word. If we do not eat we not only do not grow but we’ll eventually die. We grow from the Word in two ways:

Spiritual maturity. Peter said that we must desire the milk of the Word in order to grow in respect to our salvation but we can’t stop with milk. We only grow so far on milk. We must begin to eat solid food as well if we are to grow unto maturity (1 Corinthians 3:1-2 and Hebrews 5:12-14).

The Word increases faith. Most people would love to have more faith. Even the disciples desired this (Luke 17:5). One of the major ways for us to grow our faith is through time in the Word or time with the Word in us. Paul said, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word” (Romans 10:17). It is interesting that it says hearing. Our faith will never grow sufficiently through personal study alone. The context refers to the proclaimed Word (Romans 10:13-17). If we are to grow our faith we must spend adequate time in the Word personally and hearing it proclaimed –at church!

The Word increases fruitfulness (Psalms 1:2-3). How many of us desire to be spiritually fruitful? The Psalmist gives us a picture of a tree planted near a river with its roots going deep into the ground and drinking of it’s water. The result was fruitfulness. As we immerse ourselves in the Word and are filled with His Spirit fruitfulness is the natural result. This is the purpose for which Jesus chose us for Himself (John 15:16).