How to Find the Good Life

Everyone wants the good life, but too many people fail to find it because they’re looking for it in the wrong places. Society often promises that you can find the good life by pursuing goals that seem good, such as earning more money, gaining more friends, or becoming more physically attractive. But those are just empty promises that can’t really fulfill you.

Only a relationship with Jesus can give you the good life that God has designed you to crave. Placing your hope in anything less even if it’s something good that God has created, turns into idolatry that interferes with your relationship with Jesus and actually leads you away from the good life that God wants you to enjoy.

Reflect on your life right now and honestly consider whether or not you’re hoping to derive fulfillment from things like material possessions, a successful career, an exciting romantic relationship, or close relationships with family and friends. None of those things – or any other good things except for a relationship with God through Jesus – can deliver true and lasting fulfillment.

Realize that you are much more than your list of accomplishments. You have great value simply because God made you in His image and loves you no matter what. Choose to base your identity not on what you have accomplished, but on what Jesus has accomplished for you: connecting you to God for eternity.

Decide to look to God alone for approval; God’s opinion of you is the only one that truly matters. Embrace the complete and unconditional love that He offers you. God is in ultimate control of every situation. Since God will take care of everything you need when you trust Him, give up trying to be in charge and surrender to God’s plans for every situation that concerns you. When you do, God’s unlimited power will flow into your life and transform it for the better.

Place your relationship with God through Jesus at the center of your life and revolve everything else around it on a day-to-day basis.

Fay-Ann Swearing
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