Waiting on the Lord

Psalms 62:1- 8

For most of us, we’d rather do anything than wait. That is the source of many problems for us. When we get impatient we sometimes move too quickly or in the wrong direction.

It is the same in our spiritual life, many times God wants us to wait, but we grow impatient. He wants us just to trust Him and wait for His guidance. When we can learn to wait on God, we will truly grow spiritually with each situation.

Some Biblical examples of those who waited on God.


1. He was told to build an ark.

2. He was to keep faith until it rained.

3. Noah waited many years for something he had never seen before–rain!

4. Through that experience he gained much: salvation for himself and his family.

5. He also learned that God is true to His Word!

These were some very valuable lessons learned only through waiting.

1. He is described as being a man who was perfect and upright.

2. God allowed him to encounter physical suffering that only intensified with time.

3. He lost his children, his material wealth, his health and his friends.

4. He waited perhaps years before God delivered him from his calamities.


1. He was called of God to father a great nation.

2. It took many years and many experiences before he learned to discipline himself and wait on God

3. He learned that God will keep His promises, but that we must learn to wait.


1. Sold into slavery by his own brothers.

2. Falsely accused and sent to prison.
3. Forgotten and mistreated, he learned to wait and that God had a purpose.


1. Found himself on the back side of the Midian desert for forty years.

2. As he waited for God to use him, he learned well enough to later tell the people of Israel to “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” Ex. 14:13

From the New Testament:

1. Jesus waited on God’s will.

2. The disciples waited in the upper room.

3. Paul waited for three years so his heart and mind could be prepared for what God had for him to do.

Waiting on God is the rule, not the exception, but waiting on God is not worrying!

Study about God’s power: this will help you to see that God is able to solve any problem you face or give you strength to face any problem.

Waiting on God involves trusting Him, reading His Word so we can listen to Him, praying to Him and resting in Him quietly. Are you a waiter? or a runner? Too often we run ahead of God, when we ought to be waiting on him.

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