When You Get a Raw Deal Part 4

Scripture: Psalm 73

Asaph had let envy in the door and now it coloured everything he saw. In v. 4-12, he breaks down what he had observed. If you’ll allow me to paraphrase it, it goes like this: “So this is how life really works! These godless people, they live on easy street! They don’t face the hardships I face. They live longer, play more, and get away with everything. They are self-promoting, anti-God and worldly and they are the ones that are getting a slice of the pie, not me.

“You try to honor God and stay humble and do good, you’ll have a tough, mediocre life. You live by lust, power, greed and deceit and you become a celebrity. “God is good to … the pure in heart’? Hah.” He tells it all in v. 13: Did I purify my heart and wash my hands in innocence for nothing?”

Can you connect with any of these feelings? Do you ever think to yourself, “Does it pay to serve God? I try to be faithful and do right and I have to fight for every inch. It’s all backwards.” Why do dictators, child molesters, get off easy? Why do violent people, arrogant executives, and God-mocking people seem to be getting ahead? Why is God blessing them instead of judging them?”

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