It Is Well With My Soul

PSALM 46:1-11

We all have days when we’d like to run away from it all. Sometimes our hurt is so bad our spirit throbs inside us. Our dreams fall apart…our hopes fade. Our lives become wearisome drudgery. A marriage goes bad…
Health problems develop…Financial problems come up…A loved one dies…And we are tempted to give up….

Though problems will still be a given, though difficulties will still touch us,
though hardships will be a part of our lives, there is always a reason to keep going.

We can press on! We can hang in there! We can go on…when we want to give up

1 ….God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

· Refuge: it means “a shelter or hiding place.”
· Strength:… “our security, boldness, might.”
· Present: He is always with us.
· Help: this word means “aid or assist.”

He doesn’t leave us to our own struggles alone.
· Trouble: it means “tight spots…misery, distress, agony, suffering, aggravation, .”
· In: this preposition means “not before or after but during, in the midst of”.

In all these problems…
God is our refuge, strength and a present help. God is nearer to you than your spouse and closer to you than your best friend…

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