The dictionary definition is to give up possession of or power over, to yield to another, to resign oneself.” How often do we sing the hymn “All to Jesus I surrender” and other hymns of giving ourselves completely to Jesus and trusting Him, etc, but the words we sing don’t always reflect the true, real condition of our heart, after all those are just words. What would be different if every Christian actually surrendered his/her all to Jesus?


1. It is difficult for people to understand “true” surrender and even more difficult to persuade one that it’s for his/her own good.

2. It is far easier to speak of letting God have His way than it is for one to actually let it happen.

 What have you actually “surrendered” in life? What about “self?” Are you willing to let go of your life and let God have it – all of it? To yield completely involves three areas of your life: past, present and future.


1. Sins forgiven, yes, but some of those sins are still being carried around for the past has not been forgotten, has it?

2. If God forgives you, your sins, your past is gone from His mind. GONE!

Why keep on remembering your forgiven past and letting it interfere with your service for the Lord NOW? You must forgive yourself and let the past go.

3. It is bad to have sinned, yes, but, it’s also terrible to let the past sins mar and block your present service for the Lord.

4. Don’t you forgive your children, spouse and others? Do you want them to continue to worry and brood over what they did? Do they keep bringing it up? We do this with ourselves and God.

5. Examine yourself, take an inventory now and then, yes, but don’t let the past wreck the present.

8. Remember what Peter did? He fell to the lowest of his life, but who was it that preached at Pentecost?


1. Are you willing to leave the future entirely in God’s hands? You say, sure, yes, but are you really?

– Some think God will take advantage of them.

– Some think it would be a miserable life to not be in control.

– Most just cannot trust God to bring them joy, pleasure, so they want to do their own thing – sin.

John 15:11

Will God take advantage of you when you surrender totally to Him?

– God has the power, God has the will to make you happy.

– Does not God know what is best for us?

– Knowing all this, still God’s Children are unwilling to trust it all to Him, knowing full well

that He knows best.


1. What happens to one’s “present” when total surrender is made?

– All unlove, bitterness, irritability, pride, jealousy, resentment disappear – they all go.

2. If there are any ill- feelings, any resentment, any grudge in your life, it means you have not totally surrendered to God.

3. You say you have surrendered all to God, yet you have fear for the future, are unsure of it? Then you have not yet totally surrendered.

4. No person has ever received all he/she could have from God, because God can’t give all until we have surrendered all we have and all we are.


1. The time is now! Surrender your past, present and future to God right now.

2. We let opportunities slip by because our minds are fixed on TOMORROW.

3. We are to TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME.

4. How can Jesus Christ use me today? This very moment?

5. How does one surrender his/her all? You just let go of it all, walk away from it and then trust the Lord Jesus Christ and let God do the rest – ONE DAY AT A TIME.


1. Surrendering all to God is not promising to try to do and be better.

2. Surrendering all to God is turning over to God all you have and are.

3. We defeat ourselves when we try to carry out our own ideas and resolutions with God’s help. We have got to learn that we don’t HELP God!

4. Just hand yourself over to God, then trust Jesus Christ to do His part.

5. It is not your surrender, nor your faith that brings victory it is all God’s doings.

6. So, will you surrender your all today?