At the beginning of 2013, I was definitely not looking forward to it. So many terrible things had already happened at the start of the year. I really cried a lot during the beginning of 2013. I can’t even remember how many nights I’ve spent crying.

The decisions I’ve had to make this year were important and the kind of decisions that you weigh carefully, the kind of decisions that help shape you as a person. I went in to 2013 with one goal: PATIENCE. It was a lofty goal and one of the virtues I lack most. The result, now that the year is almost over, has been overwhelmingly positive. I feel that I’ve grown considerably and been hugely productive.  So if last year was an exercise in patience (and, yes, it certainly was), 2014 will be an exercise in hard work and love.  I don’t suspect that next year will be easy, but I know with God’s help and his enduring strength I will make.

There have been moments of extreme, uncontrollable laughter with friends and family, of which there have been so very many…and each and every one might not be specifically memorable, but without these moments I simply wouldn’t be able to make it through the hard days. It is the moments of pure joy that make life worth living.

To sum it up, 2013 has changed me. I have grown significantly spiritually. I’m no longer going to slack and procrastinate needlessly. I need to work hard. I got to push myself to be the best I possibly can. For the upcoming 2014, I am going to drive myself to do better.

Thank you so much to all who follows my blog,  read my devotionals and to all reader, commentator, and those who liked my posts … This year has been great, and I am sure we will have a better year in 2014 ….

My dear friends here’s hoping the new year will be every way complete.  I wish you all a prosperous and peaceful 2014, a year to enjoy life for the blessing it truly is. With happiness, success, good health and all that makes life sweet.

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