Making the Most of Your Relationships

Text: St. John 3:16

Whether with friends, family, spouses, parents, or children, the holidays can be a special time to rekindle meaningful relationships, if we take the time for it.

Focus on Who You Have in Your Life: It’s important to keep in mind that just as joyous as the holidays can be, for many people, they are a time of heartache and pain. They are an aching reminder of relationships that have been broken or loved ones that were lost or longings that have not yet been fulfilled. Sometimes, it’s hard to connect when you are feeling hurt and alone. Making the most of our relationships during the holidays requires a shift in thinking that causes us to focus on the people God has placed in our lives here and now.  
Time passes so quickly, and every year is one less year we’ll have to invest in the ones we love. Rather than wishing for what could be, it’s important to begin savor what actually is.

Through it’s true that every season of life comes with its blessings and it’s struggles, it’s important to make the most of the blessings. This holiday season, be deliberate to be thankful for the people in your life. Invest in Relationships, Not Thing.

We can get so caught up in the things that we can fail to remember that the real blessings in our lives are the relationships we’ve been given- our relationship with God, and our relationship with others. More than anything, the Holidays are about experiencing God’s love; a God who loved us so much that He left His world to join us in ours. He reached down with His love and grace to connect with us, and to bring us a Savior. Making the most out of the holidays means that we take the time to relish in the love of God, and then allow it to overflow from our lives and into the lives of those around us. According to God’s word, that’s really what life comes down to: loving God, and loving others.

Rather than becoming consumed in things this time of year, let us take the opportunity to engage relationships. Let’s focus more on being together, rather than giving things to one another; on loving each other with our actions and our words, not just with our money. Because at the end of the day, the greatest gift that we can really give is our love.  

This moment I challenge you to take a look at the quality of your interactions with others, not just the quantity.

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