The Significance of the Birth of Jesus

Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

What appears to be insignificant can have eternal consequences.

From a human perspective, there was nothing special about Jesus’ birth. Mary and Joseph were poor, ordinary people having a baby, yet this event was the most significant incident in human history. This child, conceived by the Holy Spirit, was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

In the same way, events that seem ordinary in our lives may be occasions when the Lord is doing something awesome. Because God is continually working to achieve His purposes, every event and choice in our lives has significance.

You can’t determine a person’s value by his or her environment.

When a king is born, he’s laid in silk and anointed with spices, but Mary gave birth in a stable filled with the smell of livestock, wrapped Him in strips of cloth, and laid Him in a manger (Luke 2:7). Nothing surrounding His birth revealed the significance of her newborn baby.

All too often the world judges a person’s worth based on his surroundings. But in the Lord’s eyes, every person is significant. He created each of us for a specific purpose and loves us unconditionally. The ultimate proof of our worth is the fact that Christ considered us to be so valuable that He died for us.

God often gives great understanding to lowly people.

Since the birth of the Saviour was the greatest news of all time, wouldn’t you think that the Lord would have announced it to important people like kings and nobles? Instead He sent His angel to proclaim this momentous news to shepherds.

God still speaks to those who are listening. What we do after hearing from the Lord is what’s important. Like the shepherds who left immediately to find the newborn Messiah, are you quick to obey His instructions? By hesitating, you could miss the greatest opportunities of your life. The key to experiencing all that God has planned is to listen and to obey Him.

When people have truly met Jesus Christ, they have to tell others.

The shepherds were absolutely awed by what they saw and couldn’t keep it to themselves. They knew their message would seem strange to others and might even result in ridicule, but they wanted everybody to know.

We need to be as bold as the shepherds. It’s our job to share the good news of the gospel with others, yet so many believers lack the courage to share their faith. Sometimes we feel like we don’t know enough, but we know so much more than the shepherds because we have the Word of God.

The Lord’s ways are not our ways.

Who could have ever imagined God’s plan. However, Christ came to live among us and can identify with us in our heartaches, frustrations, fears, and temptations because He’s experienced them (Heb. 4:15-16).

God uses ungodly people to accomplish His purposes.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, Caesar Augustus was the ruler of the Roman Empire and made important choices that determined the course of human history. When he decided to take a census, he thought he was in control, but the Lord was simply using him to accomplish His plan to fulfill the prophesy Micah made hundreds of years before.

In our limited understanding, we think God only uses righteous people to achieve His purposes, but history proves otherwise. He can use anyone to carry out His plans.

The birth of Jesus is primarily about God’s unconditional love for the world. Christ had to take human form so He could one day bear our sins and die on the cross (1 Pet. 2:24). Therefore, Christmas isn’t about gifts, shopping and parties. It’s not even about manger scenes and shepherds. Christmas is about Christ’s love for you. He came to earth to die in your place and if you are going to honestly celebrate Christmas, you’ve got to understand all Jesus is. Ignoring His free gift of salvation has terrible consequences, but accepting it results in eternal life in heaven with your Saviour.

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