The Adulterous Woman

Text: John 8:1-11

One day as Jesus was in the temple they brought a woman to him who was caught in the very act of adultery.
I wonder what was going through the minds of the religious people of that day. I am sure they were thinking of the awful sin of this woman and they were probably angry about her sin. The Pharisees had hoped to trap Jesus by asking him what to do with that woman. In fact it sometimes scares me where I may fit in this story. Maybe I would have been looking down at this woman for her sin thinking I was better than her because I was not such a horrible sinner. The hard thing to do is to find a balance for how we are to treat sin.
It would be wrong to have wanted this woman stoned because we need to show grace to the sinners and show them love as well, but on the other hand we can not overlook sin and condone it, in fact sin should be sickening to the Christian.

I believe that Jesus sets us the perfect example for how to treat people and to view people.

When people came into the presence of Jesus they felt convicted about their sins that they had committed in the past. When Jesus went to Samaria and came across the woman at the well she was convicted about her past and wanted to change. When Jesus was passing through Jericho and went to Zacchaeus the Tax Collector’s house, Zacchaeus was convicted by the fact that he had mistreated people. When Jesus came to Simon the Pharisee’s house the sinful woman was convicted of her life of sin. Why is it that people were so convicted of sin in Jesus’ presence?

There is no doubt that when Jesus came he was fully God and his mere presence would have made sinners feel uncomfortable. There was just something about Jesus’ presence that could not tolerate sin and people sensed that.

When people came into the presence of Jesus he lived in a way that impacted people. He lived his life without sinning. When Jesus came across people in his life people were impacted and changed because of his impact on them and his love that he showed them. Think of the love he showed Zacchaeus, the unpopular, short, tax collector coming to his house and eating with him. Think of the unconditional love he showed to the sinners.

Posted by Fay-Ann Swearing December 6, 2013

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